Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To Know The Road Ahead, Ask Those Coming...

How come? I read it some where & started thinking on it. How this is possible? How can we trust any body? Might be the person expressing wrong views? Some times it happens, there are people who don't want to give right information to others. These people don't want that other person do the exactly same thing or even perform in better way. So might be that person who walked on the road gives you false information about road, task & experience. Some people do it intentionally & some might not. You can't trust any one blindly & make your decisions according to others views.

The person who is coming back shares his/her experience. If the person don't like something about that road, place, work, task etc, the person try to convince you that, what he/she thinks is right in his/her views. If the person likes that road, place, work & task. He/she try to convince you that, what he/she feels is right. But according to others experience how one could decided what is right or wrong for them.

Every one's way of thinking, interest, knowledge, behavior towards that situations & their skills might be differ from other person. Some times what other people like, is totally different from them. Even in the same given conditions, circumstances & environment, two person could react differently. Because every one's capacity, thinking ability & capability to fight with circumstances might differ.

Every one can explain their own experience, but you can't assume that, whatever the person is telling, also correct for you. You just guess the conditions & situations from other person's experience and try to deal in best way according to given or same conditions. Try to listen every experience from other people, do your home work, means try to understand what would you do? Make a plan, put all effort & do it. With hard work, you will definitely get success. Try for the best but prepare for the worst.

You should search & know the road ahead by yourself. That is Nidhi's way to find the Road. There is a saying in India which is perfectly fits " Listen everyone, Do what your heart says." This is also like Learning By Doing.....


awaz do humko said...

this is so nice post ... i agree with your views

harminder singh said...

हमें अपने दिल की सुननी चाहिए क्योंकि वह झूठ नहीं बोलता। मगर दिमाग की जरुरत शायद हमें सबसे ज्यादा है। आप सही कहती हैं कि हमें अपने रास्ते का चुनाव खुद ही करना चाहिए। यह जरुरी भी है।
हरमिन्दर सिंह