Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do opposites attract?

I found this topic on TOI

While attraction is enough to bring two people close to each other, what happens when they discover each other's personality traits - does it lead to a dent in the relationship or do these minor differences help the couple to complete each other? Do couples who are completely opposite to each other make a better match in the long run? Can a relationship survive personality differences? Or is it wise to select a partner who is similar to you?

My Views on this : -

I don't think so that attraction is enough to bring two people close to each other. Though they attract towards each other for some time but after knowing each other attitude, ideas towards life, behavior towards situations, thoughts towards any thing, they can easily judge that they are totally different from each other but they don't want to accept it because they are in love. But when you go for personal space and then even if a single issue goes against your thinking then it turns into anger and then you quarrel and fight often. In this type of situations a healthy n happy relationship is not possible for long term. Because after some time they are unable to understand that why this person(he/she) is behaving like this and why he/she is not thinking in same manner he/she does. In this situation they gets frustrated.

Although some people gives some good and scientific example that :- According to Science "Opposite poles attracts each other and ALL objects attract each other with a force of gravitational attraction"... But one more thing is true that is :- When distance become too far and opposites cross the certain limits that time atraction and gravitational force become Zero... This is also proved by Science. Correct...So when all things crossed the limit that time any emotional and scientific theory goes wrong.

If the differences are minor then the couple can complete each other by overtaking or being responsible for other person's attitude and they can try to understand each other. Couples who are completely opposite to each other they never make a better match in the long run. Relationship can't survive personality differences. That is why... it is wise to select a partner who is similar to you,in mental level and maturity level too. His/her perception towards life and lifestyle should be same. Only that time a relationship will be happy and healthy for long run.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Look Matters

Have you ever asked yourself, why do we lose weight, why do we go to parlour, why we want perfect hair cut, why we are looking for a nice dress? Who doesn't want to look good? It boots up our confidence level & gives us feel good factor. Am I right? Yes I am.

Looks matter in each & every field of life. Either in official life or in Personal life. When you dressed well & clean shaved and going to attend a meeting, you can feel yourself as center of attraction. People listen you very well, when your complete look is impressive. Same with girls. When they feel that they are looking better than other girls they gain some boost. Look always works.

When you are young & in the initial stages of love, look matters the most. I am not saying it always matters 100 %, but when you are looking for your partner, looks definitely matters. Though for a healthy & long relationship other things are important, but for love and first attraction look matter. Internal beauty comes after look . First a person gets attracted towards some one, who looks beautiful or handsome as he/she desires.

I am not denying, after some time when you both are in healthy & good relationship, look hardly matters. I strongly believe that behavior is more important & looks will fade away with time.  To sustain a strong relationship mutual understanding, maturity, respect, care, love & personality, is most important qualities. 

People who say looks doesn't matter,  for them it's true, they are having good views & thoughts, keep it up. But for rest of the  people it matters. If look doesn't matter, why not all guys attracted towards a bad looking girl? Why many girls do not go for wealthy partner rather they prefer good looking partner.

As I said earlier look doesn't matter 100% but yes it matters 50%.  So according to Nidhi's views try to make yourself attractive & improve your other qualities also. There is no harm to improve yourself  with good look, dressing sense & good habits. Trust me look always matters.

There is a story in Hindu Mythology “ Once upon a time there was a Swayambar of Goddess Lakshami ( Goddess of wealth). The Swayambar was attended by God Shiva & God Vishanu. God Shiva came there with snakes on his neck, in one cloth called “Langot“ & with long & dirty hair called “ Jata”. He didn't look good enough. In other hand God “ Vishanu” was well dressed in yellow dress called “Pitambardhari” with so many gold &  gems jewelry &  fragrance called ”Itra”, so Goddess Lakshami attracted towards Vishnu & selected him as her husband. Though both God Shiva & God Vishnu having same skills & power but looks worked here very well....

So got Nidhi's Point? Moral of the story is "Look Matters".

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Being Single

When ever this word comes in my mind, I ask so many question to myself.

1)What is the meaning of Being Single?
2)You have a boyfriend or girlfriend, even then you call yourself Single?
3)How long can anybody be single?

I have got different answer for these questions.

1)What is the meaning of being single?

If you live alone, “Alone” means you don't have any friend (neither male nor female),if you can not share your feelings with anyone (neither with older nor with younger) it means you are single. If you have a friend & if you share your all feelings, how could any one be single?

2)You have a boyfriend or girlfriend, even then you call yourself Single?

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, with him/her you can share all your feelings, with him/her you make relationship mental & physical. Then how can you say that you are single. Just because you have not married. It's not fair.

3)How long can anybody be single?

If you think that “Being Single” means “Not Getting Married”, So how long can anyone be single? Many people say that Being Single is the best part of life. Trust me they just say like that. But they themselfs want to become Double as early as possible. Have become Double through either getting boyfriend or girlfriend or by getting Married. Is that true? Yes it is. Though the way will be different to become double.

Singles always ready to Mingle. They always look for a partner who loves, cares & gives respect. For Boys partner should take care of all his needs & for girls partner should furnish safe & secure future to her.

That's the biggest truth of life. Tough you live your life as single, these thought always comes in your mind. Whether You accept it or not. After certain age when you think, you have achieved all those things you wished for, that time you realize you should have your partner. When you see your friends or your relatives who have happy married life that time you wish for partner. Am I right? Yes I am.

This is life, no body can deny the basic need of human being, either it is mental, social or physical. You have to find someone with whom you can spend your whole life. Neither friends nor relatives can stay life long with you. They have their own world, family, liabilities & duties. No one can stop their life for you. So you have to become Double. You can live & enjoy single life as long as you want, after certain time you should be Double.

For Single star Mingel & take your time to be Double. Best Wishes & Blessings From Nidhi.